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George Columbo, President
Address: 3508 Enterprise Ave, Ste 200, Naples FL 34104
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Quality Pool Service, Maintenance & Renovation in Southwest Florida

We are equipped to handle any repairs your pool may need as well as install new pool systems. Our technicians have experience repairing all pool cleaners. Give us a call when you need a swimming pool service or repair. Call Dabco Pools Inc. today for a free estimate - 239-513-0600.
Family Playing in the Pool - Swimming Pool Remodeling in Naples, FL
We offer:
  • Residential pool maintenance
  • Commercial pool maintenance
  • Swimming pool heaters repaired and replaced
  • Re-surfacing
  • Equipment repairs and installation
  • Green Pool Clean-Up
Importance of Pool Maintenance

The pool can add hours of enjoyment and relaxation for your family and friends and so it is imperative to provide a pool maintenance service that performs weekly, daily and monthly maintenance tasks. Water that is left untreated can be a health hazard as bacteria can grow and often cause rashes or worse on the skin.
Running the pump the correct amount of time helps to keep the water filtered and free of harmful debris. Skimmers are important for removing the debris from trees or vegetation. If the vegetation is not removed algae will begin to grow on the sides and bottom of the pool liner and that green is not something that you want to be swimming in.
The filtration system of your pool will help to move the water and clean it of any debris while keeping the water moving. Stagnant or sitting water tends to breed bacteria and is harmful to swimmers.

1. Vacuum pool
2. Backwash filters and inspect pump operation
3. Clean all skimmers and pump baskets
4. Skim leaves and debris from water surface
5. Brush pool walls, steps, and floor as needed
6. Test pH, chlorine, and total alkalinity levels
7. Add chemicals to bring pool into proper balance
8. Choosing a Pool Service Provider

When you decide to engage a pool maintenance service to receive professional pool care, you will discuss directly with a Dabco Pools Inc. pool maintenance technician to discuss your pool maintenance needs. Our experts will come to your pool or spa and inspect a number of items including, leaks, water pH balance, foundation or platform cracks, and much more. Schedule a maintenance consultation today in order to start the process to keep your pool running at optimal levels. Rather than perform maintenance yourself, we recommend that you utilize the professionals for pool maintenance service.

Essential Pool Cleaning Service Options

Pool maintenance service is usually performed on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. We recommend that it is best to set a consistent schedule in order to ensure sustainable and quality outcomes. Covering the pool helps to keep many leaves and other debris out of the pool but in addition you will need the correct balance of chemicals.

The pump and filtration system is important to keep the water free from decontaminates as well as capture debris that could damage or clog your pool. A quality pool cleaning service that you use will regularly help you remove any trapped leaves or vegetation from the filter to keep the water clean and flowing properly. Filters should be cleaned on a monthly basis. An important option that many pool owners overlook is that checking the chemical level of the water before and after the pool has been vacuumed and cleaned. Very often the home pool cleaning equipment is not sufficient to keep the proper cleaning levels that is needed to activate the chemicals and can actually cause an imbalance that may be harmful. The professional vacuums are designed to do a heavier job of removing the debris and residue from the bottom and sides of the pool.

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Communities with commercial pools require regular maintenance given the high level of public use within their facilities Dabco Pools Inc. can deliver quality commercial pool maintenance services to a variety of organizations such as public schools, hotels and resorts and more. Where commercial pools that have high public usage, there are always high chances of harmful bacteria that can arise. In a commercial pool setting, it’s important that regularly scheduled maintenance is delivered to not only ensure the health and safety of the patrons, but also, to provide the customer/residents with a clean and friendly environment. We take great pride in keeping our pools safe and free from bacteria.

The pools at commercial places such as hotels, community pools and resorts are maintained on a schedule. We aim to contract with you to provide a high level of experience, excellent products, prompt repair service and solutions that work.

Residential Pool Maintenance

Many owners think that they can maintain their pools themselves and require the outside use of professionals only in an emergency situation. Our residential pool maintenance professionals are available for daily or multi-day maintenance services. With Dabco Pools Inc. we cater to your service needs on a daily basis and have team and resources to make deliver quick pool maintenance solutions. Our residential services include maintenance of pool filters, checking chemistry, filters, and the functionality of pool heaters and examining the pool pumps. All of these tasks are handled by expert staff that has been trained to get the job done. With our premier company, you can finally relax and ensure that your pool is not only in compliance with your town or state, but also, rest assured that we will be there regularly maintain your pools efficiency and deliver exceptional results.
Experienced Professionals at Your Service

As a pool owner, your day can be extremely busy. Rather than worry about the type of pool chemicals you need, routinely checking your pool for cracks or leaks, or ensuring the pool is properly cleaned will happen when you work with Dabco Pools Inc. for professional pool servicing solutions. When you need pool service our team of experts will implement the best pool maintenance solutions to not only fit your schedule, but also, to free up your time.

Our team of professionals makes sure you get the quality service clients expect from Dabco PoolS Inc.